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About 3 Phase Converters

It is difficult to get the most out of electric tools when attempting to power them through a standard wall plug. A 3-phase convertor, however, converts the single-phase power from the wall to multiple phases that work best with a 3-phase motor. Using the convertor, you get higher horsepower and better performance from your tools. Repeated use of the single-phase power by the 3-phase motor puts unnecessary wear and tear on the motor, causing you to have to replace your tools prematurely. A digital 3-phase convertor offers better performance over static and rotary convertors because of its precision and programmability; however, they are not always the best choice for older tools. Digital phase convertors use a signal processor to create a balanced three-phase power supply for your electronics. Rotary phase convertors are commonly used in commercial or industrial settings and are cost effective. All types of phase converters are readily available on eBay. Extend the life of your power tools with a convenient 3-phase convertor.