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About 3D Letters

Have some fun with 3D letters to create sayings, decorate a room, or to hang outdoors. These are ideal for placement on a front porch using the first initial of your last name as a design element. Letters like this are also ideal for hand painting a saying and laying it out on a shelf for inspiration. Some types are created for jewellery making purposes for initial pendants or bracelets. Chrome options are ideal for replacing wording on a vehicle or creating advertising messages.

Letters that come with prints or paint already on them are ready to use. Turn these letters into fun magnets for the refrigerator or learning space. It is a fun learning tool to teach young children the alphabet. You can find 3D letters on eBay in wood, plastic, and Styrofoam to display your child?s name on his or her bedroom wall. Use 3D letters for special occasions and decorate them as gifts, use them as a craft activity with the kids, or use them in your own home.