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About 8 Channel DVR

You are serious about the security of your home or business, so you should consider adding an 8 channel DVR to your system. These devices record footage from up to eight cameras at the same time. A small-scale 8 channel DVR is ideal for a small business or to use at home. Larger enterprises may need to capture video for longer periods of time at a higher number of frames per second (fps). They may also need a more detailed graphical user interface that allows a greater lever level of control so that the video can be searched according to time, event, log, or channel. Devices with USB cables are easy to connect to a computer to download video so that the DVR memory can be made available for more recording. eBay offers a range of these products and other security equipment, such as CCTV cameras and alarms. Keep your home or business safe by installing a security system containing an 8 channel DVR.