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About A2 Paper

If you like to draw then they type of drawing paper you use depends on whether you work with ink, pencils or charcoal. The thickness and look of the paper can affect the final look of your drawing. In most cases you may have to experiment with many types before you find one you like.

Cartridge paper is thicker than the regular paper used to write on. It is constructed from a combination of wood pulp and espartos. The finished texture can be rough, partially rough or smooth. The paper originally got its name because it was used for lining the tube section of shotgun shells, but over the years it has been put to many artistic and creative uses.

A2 cartridge paper is ideal to use for drawings and illustrations.. It is the thickness of the cartridge paper as well as the texture that gives a drawing a unique look.

Due to its durability and thickness, cartridge paper may be used as subject dividers in notebooks, used as book covers or as backing paper for exercise books and notebooks.