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Army surplus items are durable, stylish, and historically interesting. Whether you are looking for a vintage M65 field jacket or a British Army ammunition box, army surplus clothing and equipment provide unique style for you home and wardrobe.

Made to withstand the gruelling requirements of military duty, the items are authentic and durable. Pair a German Army long sleeved shirt with jeans and boots for a casual everyday look. Decorate your home with ammo boxes to add history and ambiance.

About Army Surplus

When army related goods are no longer needed by the military, they are often disposed of for safety reasons. The items that do not need to be destroyed are instead sold to army surplus retailers. Business operators will often set up high street stores or websites devoted to selling these goods to military enthusiasts. Although it happens infrequently, good bargain hunters can find rare or collectable items, however military surplus outlets are not well known for providing collectors' items, as this isn't their primary function. More often than not, military surplus stores sell goods of which there is an abundance, that the military couldn't shift from their stores in any other way. Usually clothing, useful tools and army related equipment, army surplus goods are very popular amongst survival enthusiasts, members of the ex military, and those who like to take part in outdoor adventures. Complete uniforms can be made up from items found at surplus shops and online retailers, with name badges, embroidery patches, and more. On the rare occasion, much larger items such as trucks and jeeps will be sold, however these are usually from the specialist outlets. Weapons can be purchased, but these are of course decommissioned items - they are in no way dangerous. Fans of paint balling will sometimes buy complete outfits to immerse themselves fully at paint balling events, the outfits are popular with those looking to get something for a military themed fancy dress night, and increasingly more so with those looking for high quality, durable products that will last - military goods are of course built to last, so they can be put through almost anything and retain their strength and shape.