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About Art Shoes

Art shoes take direct aim at young nonconformists who want footwear that speaks to them and to their values. Built around a tradition of strength, innovation, and humour, these shoes make a statement everywhere you go. Women can buy sandals, pumps, even lace-ups. AMSTERDAM sandals, KRETA pumps and PARIS heels all bring that sense of fun and fashion to your feet. Try bright yellow AIR ALPINE boots, or a subdued pair of QWERTY boots. Many of their lines, including SKYLINE, offer boots and even trainers for men as well as women. Whichever line you prefer, Art offers comfortable quality footwear to match your style. All Art shoes are made in Spain, from either local or Italian leather. Most are water-resistant, and those with Art's Sympatex construction are waterproof. You can browse the artistry of the line on eBay and put the brightness of art in your life with a new pair of Art shoes.