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About Artificial Grass

Artificial grass offers a solution to anyone who doesn?t have the time, or means, to manage a real grass lawn in their gardens. Artificial grass can be bought in any number of sizes, and matched to fit any shape of garden. For outdoor gardens, Astro Turf can be used to give the immediate effect of a well-watered lawn without the effort of seeding and maintaining a lawn from scratch. Alternatively, other types of artificial grass can be made from plastic fibres, giving the look of a lawn, without any of the mess or maintenance. Apartment dwellers can use artificial grass on their balconies or roof terraces, where there is no underlying soil, to create the effect of a high-rise garden. Even a small patch of artificial grass can lift the look of a roof garden, while also protecting the flooring below from furniture scratches and staining. Golf fanatics can practice their putting skills with a made-to-measure strip of artificial grass for the office or games room. This sort of putting grass can be ordered with holes and traps, to make the experience as realistic as possible. Greengrocers and florists may use artificial grass as a display tool ? arranging fruit, vegetables and plants on a grassy background to their produce. These display mats can be bought to fit specific stall requirements, as well as being bought in bulk or in rolls. Off-cuts of artificial grass can also be used for display purposes or to brighten up a flower pot arrangement, or small indoor garden.