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About Australian Gold

Australian Gold have been producing tanning aids for the international market for more than two decades. They make products for use outdoors or with tanning beds as well as a range of self-tanning products. Australian Gold are most well-known for their high quality self-tanning and sunbed tanning products and lotions, while intensifiers and protective sprays from the range are extremely popular.

Amongst the many products on offer you’ll find self-tanning lotion for the face and body, high SPF sunscreen and after sun, bronzing sprays and lotions with SPF protection, bronzer that can be used every day and intensifying oils that help deepen and prolong a tan.

The sun-kissed look is all the rage but exposure to the sun can be dangerous if you’re not properly protected. Whenever you sunbathe you should always ensure you wear sunscreen with a high SPF factor and reapply it regularly. If you’re using a tanning bed, be sure to follow all instructions carefully, protect your skin with lotion and never stay on the sunbed for longer than recommended.

The safest way to achieve a healthy tan is to fake it and with so many amazing self-tan products to choose from in the Australian Gold range, you can look sun-kissed all year round.