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About Bangle Watches

Bangle watches combine the practicality of a wristwatch with style-conscious design in order to produce a classic accessory. Some bangle watches have been crafted for wear at special events or to complement evening wear. These are often more delicately made, which makes them most suitable for occasional use. Designs include cuff-style bangles that splay out wide over the wrist as well as simple chunky chain links and elegant, smooth bangles. Finishes feature precious metals such as silver, as well as more adventurous coloured metals, with adornments such as Swarovski crystals or rhinestones. For more casual or everyday wear there are leather strap bangle watches which provide a more flexible and comfortable solution than metallic finishes. There are also trendy, fashion forward, innovative designs such as the faceless bangle watch. This piece appears as a simple chain-link bracelet but with a press of a button, lights an LED time display which has been set into the links themselves rather than on a separate watch face. There are also plain metal band bangles which provide a chic, everyday look, which is neutral enough for most outfits. These come in natural metal colours as well as novel finishes including oxidised black. Fastenings vary, from bangles that swing open and then push to lock, to hoop locks for watches made from chain links or leather bands. Bangle watches are not usually size variable like a strap watch might be, so it is important to check that the size will fit your wrist correctly.