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Whether you're furnishing a home bar, a bar open for business, or your kitchen, bar stools are fun, useful additions to any place. Choose between a variety of styles and features to fit the décor of your bar or home.

Besides colour, bar stools have many other features to choose from. Height is an immediate consideration, but also consider back support, the material it's made of and adjustability. Pick the bar stools that make your bar comfy and stylish.

About Bar Stools

Bar stools have been around since the creation of the public house; which dates back as far as Roman times. Although they have adapted over their extensive history, their general appearance remains largely unchanged. Bar stools are typically tall narrow stools featuring ergonomic foot rests for ease of seating. Due to their high and narrow nature they are perfectly suited to be placed by bars and ledges, so that the user can lean comfortably on the supporting surface. The customary height for bar stools is 30 inches, or 76cm, with a 26 inch (66cm) stool. Today, bar stools aren't just found in local pubs, but have become part of our home furnishings. With space at a premium in homes across the world, the dining room table has been substituted in favour of a breakfast bar with bar stools. Many bars favour floor-mounted bar stools, which are either bolted to the ground or are extremely heavy at the bottom. This ensures that the bar stools remain in their intended positions, and reduce the risk of them being used as weapons. Another popular variety of modern bar stool is the gas lift bar stool, which uses gas to effectively adjust the height and position of the seat. Today, bar stools can come with back support, and sometimes even small arm rests. They can be constructed from wood, metal or plastic, and can be found upholstered in a myriad materials; ranging from leather to foam, allowing the stools to coordinate with their environment.