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Living the Barbour lifestyle means dressing in the latest fashions with a hint of vintage inspiration. Slip into some comfortable and attractive jeans from the Barbour denim collection or let Steve McQueen be your own personal fashion designer with his exclusive collection.

Rugged jackets, international appeal, stylish accessories, and comfortable clothes are all at your fingertips with unique collections, like Heritage Originals and GB Tourer. Don the style you need and crave with Barbour apparel.

About Barbour

Trading as Barbour, the company J. Barbour and Sons was first established in 1894 by the man of the same name, John Barbour, in South Shields, England. Originally the company specialised in importing oil cloth, but they have since become extremely well-known for their production of wax jackets and other clothing items. The waxed jackets by Barbour are considered to be the best on the marketplace, and the company name has become synonymous with the jackets themselves - often people will refer to a waxed jacket as a Barbour, regardless of the garment's branding. Most of Barbour's jackets will last for years, if not decades, with some people wearing them for their entire lives - part of this long life is due to the repair service the company offers to anyone with a Barbour jacket. The company reportedly receives and repairs over 100,000 damaged jackets a year, which are sent directly to their headquarters in South Shields. Today, Barbour don't just sell waxed jackets, they also sell bags, accessories, quilted jackets for women, Tattersall shirts, moleskin clothing, and corduroy trousers and more. Barbour try and promote their brand through associating with people they feel fit with the brand's core values. For that reason they've had Lord James Percy as one of their brand ambassadors since 2004 - Percy has helped the company to design and develop award-winning ranges of shooting clothing, and outdoor gear. The Household Cavalry Polo team, and the EJ Churchill shooting range are also ambassadors for the Barbour brand.