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Many people find taking a bath to be a luxurious, relaxing experience, but only if one is soaking in a well-made, attractive tub that matches the rest of the bathroom and décor.

There are hundreds of baths, from the simple old-fashioned design with claw feet, to huge tubs that include jets. There are many possibilities for you to choose from including freestanding, corner, L-shaped, whirlpool, and more. Find the ideal bath for your home and enjoy both comfort and style.

About Baths

As with most other bathroom fittings, there are a fantastic amount of baths available for purchase on the marketplace. The choice of bath ultimately comes down to the user's preference, but size, function and aesthetics play a large part in the final decision. Although traditionally used to simply clean oneself, the bath has become a place to relax and unwind, for that reason many people spend a lot of time in there, and take just as much time deciding on the type of bath they want to install. The standard freestanding bath is usually made from cheap acrylic material, and the tap and drain is positioned at one end. The other common type of bath is the double ended variant, with the taps usually positioned in the centre. These baths are usually slightly larger, and allow for two people to use the bath at the same time. Roll top baths are stunning ornate furnishings, usually with feet of their own to freestand in the middle of the room. These baths are decorative and large - they make the perfect focal point for the bathroom. Roll top baths give the room a period feel, and are slightly more expensive than regular acrylic baths. Similar baths do exist that have a more rounded appearance. Just as stylish, these baths are chosen by those looking for a more modern twist to their bathroom. For smaller bathrooms, people often opt for a corner bath - these can come in simple triangles that tuck in to the corner of a room and save up a lot of space, whilst still being large enough to get comfortable in.