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Constructed in several different sizes, you can find blinds to cover any window in your home.

You can hang window shades to enhance the appearance any room. Coloured blinds either complement wallpaper or stand out to present themselves as a prominent feature. Durable blinds are able to withstand years of up and down motion. Add stylish blinds to your bedroom or living room décor to make beauty out of practical design.

About Blinds

Window coverings have changed significantly over recent decades, as home decor has made the transition from fancy frills to simpler designs. With the decline in the popularity of net curtains, blinds have become a favourite with homeowners looking to create privacy in the home, by using simple, clean and contemporary styles of window covering. Window blinds are a convenient method of controlling light within a room, due to their inbuilt mechanisms that move the position of the blind. There are many design options generally available, which may be chosen for functional or aesthetic reasons. Roller blinds and roman blinds Roller blinds consist of a single sheet of polyester that is rolled up to let in the light. The huge choice in patterned designs makes these blinds versatile equivalents to curtains. When complete darkness is required, blackout roller blinds are particularly effective for shutting light out of a bedroom. Alternatively, many homeowners choose roman blinds as a decorative feature of the home. Consisting of panels of fabric that are hung from horizontal slats, the roman blind is drawn up using pull cords. Slatted blinds and Venetian blinds In areas where blinds are needed for functional purposes, such as business and office spaces, slatted blinds are often chosen for their robust design. Constructed from horizontal slats of metal or wood suspended on cords, slatted blinds control the light by twisting the slats. Venetian blinds are similar in their design, but have the mechanism to vertically raise the slats, thus providing more control to the user.