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About Bluetooth Speakers

There are times when a fully fledged hi-fi system is needed for listening to your music with perfect clarity, but when you're looking for a portable, convenient system you can use anywhere, bluetooth speakers can be the perfect choice, and can deliver incredible sound quality. After all, you can't take a full hi-fi system camping, or to the beach. Some wireless bluetooth speakers can be used to replace your existing docking system, while others simply fit into your pocket. There are many varied bluetooth speakers on the market designed to suit most budgets. As for features, some bluetooth speakers have the option of running from the mains power, a chargeable lithium ion battery, or simply using AA batteries. Bluetooth and NFC (Near-Field Communication) can be found in this type of speaker, making them easy and compatible to pair was various devices. Some options allow you to pair multiple devices at once, so you can switch from your smartphone to your laptop, tablet or radio. Most bluetooth speakers are easy to set up, which is perfect for when you're on the go. As for style, there are many different looks out there, from slim and sleek to boxy and traditional designs. Portability has been figured in to many bluetooth speakers on the market, such as the Sony SRS-BTM8 which features a handle at the top. Sound quality will vary, with some bluetooth speakers even promising hi-fi standard sound, such as the Geneva Model S. There are many popular manufacturers of bluetooth speakers, including Sony, Beats, Bose, Creative, Panasonic, JBL, Ultimate Ears and more.