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About Bob The Builder Toys

Bob the builder is a UK cartoon series created by Keith Chapman. Bob has assistance from his friend Wendy and a group of work vehicles and other equipment. During each episode Bob and friends assist in renovations, construction, repairs and generally lending help to the other characters in the series.

The aim of the show was to create a cartoon series that highlights cooperation, teamwork, socialization and builds toward conflict resolution where by the group of main characters must work in unison in order to achieve an objective.

Bob the builder toys are available children favourite characters like Bob himself, Wendy, Farmer Pickles, Scoop, Muck, Dizzy, Roley and Lofty. There many types of toys available for children like tools, work benches, dress up clothes, whole construction sets, plush soft toys, vehicle sets, figurines of other characters from the show including Pilchard the Cat. Bob the Builder toys such as bicycles and scooters are also available.