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About Boot Scrapers

If you do not want mud traipsed through your elegant home, then place a boot scraper by the door. eBay offers a wide range of styles, so you can choose one that is purely functional or a model that has an elaborate design. Search for a modern boot scraper brush that removes snow and grass clippings, in addition to mud. Alternatively, you can find an antique boot scraper made of cast iron, which is a practical way to bring a slice of history into your home. Cast iron versions are ideal for slicing away mud that has caked onto the bottom of the boot. Scrapers that come with a brush are perfect for reaching the dirt that has lodged in the tread of the sole. There are doormat-style scrapers that feature coir bristles in a galvanised wire frame that you can use instead of a standard welcome mat. A boot scraper helps you to keep your footwear and your home spotless.