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Since 1964, the Bose Corporation has specialised in in audio equipment for professional settings, the home, and vehicles. Products include speakers, headphones, radios, docking stations, home theatre solutions, and Wi-Fi music systems. For instance, home theatre speaker systems, such as the CineMate GS series, utilise a proprietary TrueSpace digital processing circuitry. This feature delivers a robust audio experience just from two visible speakers and a hideaway Acousticmass module. Alternatively, let the music float through your entire home with Wi-Fi music systems. They connect directly to the internet and stream internet radio or music from your library without going to your computer.

For private listening, Bose headphones offer advanced noise reduction to deliver high fidelity sound. In particular, the QuietComfort noise-cancelling headphones fit comfortably on your ears and provide an immersive experience. Users can eliminate the complications of cables with wireless models as well.

About Bose

Amar G. Bose set up the Bose corporation in 1964. By the early 2000s the company operated out of 8 factories, and owned 153 retail outlets. Specialising in home audio equipment, Bose are well known for creating innovative and effective headphones, speakers and car audio devices. Not limited to audio production hardware, Bose have also been involved with suspension research for cars, and even tried their hand at developing cold fusion technology. One of Bose's particularly popular products, is their line of noise cancelling headphones. Not just available commercially, these headphones have been used within the aviation industry. A specific set of headphones was crafted for use by astronauts on the Space Shuttle, to stop them from damaging their hearing. Bose is known for being extremely protective of their patents, and they are notoriously defensive of their brand values. Both critically and commercially successful, Bose's headphones allow the user to listen to music in peace, without disturbing those around them with any noise leakage. Bose make in-ear headphones, with small buds that sit comfortable inside the ear, around-ear headphones which allow for crisp quality sound but are slightly more cumbersome and expensive than the others on offer, and on-ear headphones which present a happy medium for some, with the soft padding allowing the headphones to sit comfortably on top of the ears. Bose also produce a wide range of home speaker systems, amplifiers, sound decks for portable music players, digital radios, and computer speakers. Bose also develop truck driver seat isolation systems, and large scale portable systems for use by their industrial contracts.