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A bowler hat stylishly makes a retro statement. While it comes in one traditional bowl style, numerous variations exist. It may feature a wide or narrow band around the base and include an accent on one side.

Some brims have a lip; others are almost flat. They often come in black and grey, but you can also find them in bold colours like blue or red. Pair your bowler hat with a classic suit for a gentlemanly look.

About Bowler Hats

The classic design of a bowler hats gives every wearer an elegant appearance rarely provided by modern headwear. The hat is made out felt and was designed originally by a British soldier in 1849. It was worn most frequently during the Victorian area and eventually became known as a symbol of style and class. A vintage bowler hat has a circular, flat brim that is several centimetres wide. There is a ribbon around the base of the crown, and the top of the hat is rounded. There are ladies bowler hats, as well as vintage bowler hats for men. Bowler hats can be bought on eBay from Top-rated Sellers that offer free delivery.