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About Bradshaws Guides

Travellers from around the world, as well as native of the United Kingdom, cannot get a deep appreciation of England unless they refer to the venerated Bradshaw's Guide. The quintessential guide for tourists and natives provides historical information that you cannot find via other information channels. Adapted to the railway system in the UK, Bradshaw's Guide receives constant updates each year to incorporate the new features of British culture and landscape. The guide breaks down into three sections that include railway stations, railway routes, and regional descriptions.

Most of the guides remain in pristine condition, with the lettering clear enough for most people to read and the illustrations vivid enough to depict regional features. The pages do not bend or wilt due to prolonged exposure to humid climates and the cover protects the valuable information inside by possessing durable materials. You can conveniently carry the guide in a knapsack or briefcase during your travels throughout the splendor of the English countryside. Hop on eBay for the latest edition of this treasured travel guide.