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Taps represent a strong functional element in both bathroom and kitchen. Bristan taps combine function with styling, contemporary and traditional, according to taste.

Basin and bath mixers deliver water through a single spout, allowing users to adjust the temperature fluidly. The lever handles offer convenience and ease of use. Some Bristan taps include a flow limiter that allows users to conserve water by controlling the flow of water. Choose from a whole range of practical and decorative designs.

About Bristan Taps

Your bathroom should be your place of retreat where you can go to relax, meditate, and enjoy your solitude. Make it your oasis with Bristan taps that turn an ordinary sink into a piece of art. Swooping faucets, contemporary shapes, and every kind of finish you can imagine await you. Maintain the same elegant, dark décor that you have throughout your house with a mocha brown tap or stick to the contemporary nickel or chrome-plated taps with plenty of shine. You may prefer faucets with one temperature and flow control or taps that have two separate levers. There are no wrong decisions because only you know what is perfect for you. Those lucky enough to have a double sink can also purchase matching sets of Bristan taps. This is also a great way to update the entire house with new, more modern taps. Shop on eBay to find great deals on bathroom accessories. Slip into your sudsy tub and enjoy your updated bathroom.