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The inventor of bubble wrap was a genius. This simple product, consisting of pockets of air wrapped in bubbles of plastic film, protects fragile items in shipping and greatly reduces the danger of loss.

The idea is simple enough; the cushion is just air and so bubble wrap weighs very little but affords lots of protection. Getting bubble wrap in bulk rolls makes a lot of sense if you have lots of shipping. Send it safe with bubble wrap.

About Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is an air cellular cushioning material generally used as a protective layer for packaging purposes. It is lightweight, abrasion resistant and shock absorbent. The air trapped in the many tiny bubbles acts as a cushion to protect all kinds of stored or transported goods. A trademarked brand of the Sealed Air Corporation, a packaging company, Bubble Wrap was invented by engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957. Originally they tried to sell it as a wallpaper, and when that failed they attempted to market it as greenhouse insulation material. Realising the product?s potential as a packaging material they created the Sealed Air Corporation and the first client was the technology and consulting giant I.B.M., where it was used to protect the I.B.M. 1401 computer during shipment. Originally the bubbles had a tendency to leak air, but this defect was solved by the development of a special coating in the mid 60s. Today Bubble Wrap is commonly used all around the world. In fact, each year the Sealed Air Corporation make enough of it to stretch to the Moon and back. The advantages it offers are longer lasting protection and better cushioning, and as relatively little is very effective it also serves to reduce packaging costs. Additionally it is reusable and recyclable, thereby serving to reduce the amount of packaging waste which is produced by society. Other uses for Bubble Wrap are as an insulating material, as it retains heat effectively and, of course, it also makes a great stress reliever, as there?s nothing quite like the satisfaction of popping those bubbles! Bubble Wrap is available in various roll sizes from small to large, and also in the form of bags.