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You hate to feel cold, but you also hate heating your entire empty home to the same comfortable level you enjoy. A Calor gas heater is a small yet efficient and portable solution to heat the room you are in.

Roll the Calor gas heater to the room you are in and keep it cozy while saving money on utilities. Pop in a gas cylinder and stop feeling like you have to wear three layers inside your home.

About Calor Gas Heaters

Calor gas heaters run on an independent energy source. Calor gas canisters are available from shops across the country and abroad, and the heaters can run without electrical power which makes them suitable for a variety of uses, and there are hundreds of options to choose from. It?s always a good idea to pick a heater that has features which match your needs. Calor gas heaters have different heat settings on offer, safety options, styles and provision of ?real? flames for a traditional feel. Most heaters will have a standard heat output, which can be changed to give more or less heat. But the amount of settings will vary from model to model, so it may be important to consider how seasonal your usage is going to be before buying. If you?re going to be using your heater in enclosed space and are worried about gas leaks, you might also want to make sure that it has an Oxygen Depletion System which cuts the gas off if oxygen levels drop below an optimum level, and a Flame Failure Device to stop the heater?s supply of gas should the flame cut out. Instead of heating an element, some heaters work by producing a real flame, which looks more authentic and can result in a more stylish heater. These heaters do tend to be more expensive than the other designs available, of which there are many.