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Skilled artisans have innovated and perfected Capodimonte porcelain over centuries, defining a unique style of sculpture. Browse for the Capodimonte porcelain figurines that inspire you with their humour, expression and detail.

Enjoy the supreme skill in hand sculpting and painting of those master craftsman trained in Naples. Make your home come alive with myriad vivid miniature scenes of musicians, craftsmen and porcelain flowers that wind their way around inspiring vases in their own right.

About Capodimonte

In production since the mid-18th century, Capodimonte figurines and other artefacts epitomise the detail and craftsmanship that make porcelain figurines such highly coveted collectibles. True Capodimonte collectibles, sometimes referred to as Ginori collectibles, bear the company's mark, a crown with the letter N beneath it. Find the ideal Capodimonte figurine or Capodimonte lamp to set off a mantlepiece or a Capodimonte flower to act as a small, decorative accent on a side table. eBay offers both new and used options for your perusal, including listings from some of eBay's Top-rated Sellers. Don't forget to look for free postage to make your purchasing process that much easier.