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Anyone interested in video editing needs a video capture card to assist in capturing and editing videos. It could be that you want to capture clips of your video games to share or you wish to convert some DVD or VHS films to a new format.

You have the choice between a standard-definition or high-definition capture card. Some are also PC-dependent, while others work only with your console. Capture your favourite moments with a capture card.

About Capture Cards

Technology moves quickly; electronics become obsolete, methods of sharing information get replaced, and videos and pictures are recorded and viewed on new devices from year to year. Luckily, with a capture card, you can keep up with the fast-paced world of tech. Perhaps you have hundreds of family videos featuring weddings, dance recitals, football matches, and birthday parties, but your video tape player is long gone. A capture card allows you to convert your long lost memories into modern and digital files, so you can email them, share them, or simply store them without taking up half the living room. Families, gamers, and presenters love the ability to record with capture cards. Show your friends how quickly you beat a level on your favourite game console by recording the footage straight to your computer. Whether you are looking for an HDMI or a video capture card, eBay?s reliable sellers offer new and gently used options for a variety devices and mediums.