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About Card Inserts

Once you have crafted and constructed your cards into personalised works of beauty, adding card inserts completes the look. Rather than leave the inside blank, you can add information, a verse or poem, or simply the date of a birth or anniversary. In various colours and sizes, card inserts can be found to suit any style of card that you use. Pasted or tied in with a ribbon or cord, a card insert creates an imaginative finish to even purchased cards. Crafted from card stock, vellum, and paper, there is no limit to the imaginative and creative ways that they can be used. They are not just for cards, many styles can be used alone for a creative notepad or tucked into a frame to save a special date or remember an event. Card inserts, both plain and decorated, are available on eBay from reputable sellers. Your imagination can make leaps of creativity and style with your new card inserts.