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About Casting Resin

Casting resin gives you a novel way to create sculptures. Professional artists and creative minded hobbyists alike find a lot of ways to use this material. It comes in a container in liquid form. When it comes into contact with the air, it sets, becoming a clear, solid, plastic material. Pour the resin into a hollow mould and wait for it to transform into a sculpture. The result can be painted, or even thrown into the washing machine. Casting resin comes in several different forms with some made using polyester. There is not a large difference between the different materials aside from the fact that some may turn from liquid to solid slightly faster. eBay has a selection of casting resins kits from brands, including Polycraft. Clear, white, and black casting resins are available. Make something as simple as a paperweight or as intricate as a model horse. The resin also makes delightful costume jewellery that you can give as presents to friends and family. With this art material, you can let your imagination run wild.