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About Cat Beds

For many people who live with cats, buying their beloved pet a suitable bed often takes a great deal of thought. Considerations like comfort, durability, wash-ability, allergies and even home décor should all be taken into account before making a purchase. Luckily, there exists a wide range of cat beds to choose from. Open The simplest type of cat bed consists of a simple pillow. Typically made of cotton or fleece, this type of bed is easily machine washable, especially if they come with a detachable cover. Often, this sort of bed will also feature raised walls around the edges for added insulation or to help keep multiple cats or kittens from falling off. For a more classic look, wicker baskets lined with a pillow-style bed are also available. Enclosed Choosing a cave- or igloo-style bed will give your cat its very own private space to hide in and make its own. These are usually soft-shelled with an invitingly cushioned interior, differing from pillow beds in that they are partially or completely enclosed by a roof and walls, with only a modest opening - great for keeping pets warm in draughty houses. Mounted An even cosier option is the radiator bed, which hooks directly onto any radiator around your home for chilly cats to hop up into. These come in a range of materials and designs, including a simple fleece-lined platform, which features a protective wall between the cat and the radiator, and bamboo cylinders, which build up and store heat inside. Alternatively, in warmer weather or if your cat has a penchant for people-watching, a windowsill mat can make another great sleeping arrangement.