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About Cheese Board

A cheese board is essentially a kitchen chopping board suitable for serving cheese, so as such most chopping boards can be used as a cheese board. A specifically designed cheeseboard is likely to have other features which make it either more suitable for use as a cheeseboard, or easier to identify as for use only for cheese. The cheese board in a restaurant or at a dinner party is a selection of cheeses presented in blocks from which guests can cut themselves pieces. So a cheeseboard may be large to accommodate a selection of cheeses, and some also have tray-style handles for easy and elegant transportation. Another type of cheese board is the kitchen cheese-cutting board, which often has a cheeswire built in. Smaller cheeseboards are often conceived as part of a kit for use with one piece of cheese, and come in a variety of designs, most of which are suitable as gifts. Often there is a specific rest in the board for an individual cheese knife, cheese plane or set of implements, and sometimes a built-in drawer. Boards are available in a range of materials, and each has its advocates. Marble will keep your cheese cool for longer, which can be particularly useful for some softer cheeses. Hardwood cheese boards are popular particularly for serving hard cheese, because they won't blunt sharp knives, and the cuts 'heal' more effectively than cuts in plastic boards. But wood takes on smell and taste, so it's a good idea to choose a board engraved or with a distinctive shape designating it as your cheese board, and never use it for anything else.