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About Chenille Curtains

There is a quick way to lift a room without spending hours repainting the walls, and that is to invest in a new pair of curtains. Chenille curtains have been popular for some time, most likely because of its combination of casual, yet plush texture ? making it inviting to touch. It?s the softness of Chenille that makes it so appealing, and yet surprisingly, it?s a remarkably sturdy fabric when used in upholstery ? provided it is adequately backed or lined. Chenille curtains traditionally come in a range of block colours because the material really doesn?t need any patterns competing with its natural iridescence; although you can find patterned Chenille on eBay, too. Interestingly, whilst most fabrics are named after the type of material used to create them, Chenille is perhaps unique in that it is named after the process used. Introduced from France in the 18th century, Chenille has remained alluring due to its rich, dense texture and will add a smidge of luxury to your room.