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Your little bundle of joy stays by your side every day. People know the chihuahua for its loyalty and affection, so it deserves a range of toys and accessories. Dress her up in a pretty pink collar or buy him a blue vest to keep him warm during the winter.

Necessary accessories, like vests, coats, leads and carriers, can be fun for you and your chihuahua. Show your best friend how much you care.

About Chihuahua

The chihuahua is the one of the smallest breeds of dog on earth, and is a breed that was named after the town in Mexico from which it reportedly originates. Both short haired and long haired chihuahuas exist, with most dogs only growing to between 6 and 9 inches tall at their largest. The chihuahua can be bred in a range of colours, with different markings and colour combinations. Generally, the dogs will be some combination of white, black, brown, fawn, chocolate, red and cream. Because of the size of the chihuahua, it is quite often known as a "handbag dog", having become popularised by celebrities such as Paris Hilton who carry their chihuahuas around in specially designed handbags. These bags are available in a range of colours and styles, and are generally designed to look fashionable as well as to carry the dog safely. However tempting it is to carry a chihuahua in a handbag, owners must ensure that they still get adequate exercise to keep them healthy. There is also a wide variety of clothing available for the chihuahua, which is often designed for one of two purposes: to keep the dog warm, or to play on the fashion element. Such clothing normally consists of coats and bandanas, often created using designer fabric. Because of their size, chihuahuas require specially designed collars and harnesses that fit their frame. Again, these are available in a range of colours, styles and fabric, with elements such as Swarovski crystals often giving them a more stylish look.