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Chinese lanterns are a great way to mark a special occasion such as a birthday, a wedding, or the New Year.

The paper lantern holds a candle and paraffin wax. Light the candle, and wait a couple of minutes as the lanterns heat up enough to rise dramatically into the sky. You can watch them gently drift out of sight, as Chinese lanterns only land once the fuel has run out. Complement your celebration with this impressive spectacle.

About Chinese Lanterns

Chinese lanterns have been around for centuries and their primary uses are for fun, to create a visual display and to signify meaning for a special event. There is an annual Lantern Festival in Chinese culture but the use of the lanterns is not restricted to just this occasion. The use of Chinese lanterns has spread throughout the world and they are seen at many events such as Chinese New Year to add a touch of theatre and beauty to the occasion. The design and construction of the lanterns has remained unchanged for centuries and are in essence miniature hot air balloons. A light weight frame is covered with decorative paper that is sealed at the top of the lantern and has an opening at the bottom. A candle or flame is then placed in or below this opening either suspended or sitting on a small purpose built tray. The heat from the flame will be captured by the paper enclosure and the lantern will rise into the air whilst the light from the flame will illuminate the decorative paper to give a colourful and radiant effect. You will be able to buy Chinese lanterns ready made or in self-build sets. There are a huge array of colours and styles to choose from and they are easy to personalise should you want to create a more individual finish. For the products you build yourself there should be a set of instructions on how to make the lantern with specific details on the type and size of flame used and distance required between the flame and the lantern itself. This is very important to follow to reduce the risk of fire.