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About Christian Audigier

French fashion designer Christian Audigier is the owner of self-named brand Christian Audigier. The label is involved in the production of clothes and perfume for both men and women. Born in Avignon in the southeast of France on May 21, 1958, Audigier first entered the fashion business when he was 15, working as a denim designer.

Later in life, having moved to Los Angeles in the United States, the entrepreneur popularised a form of marketing known as guerrilla advertising. This process involves giving away clothing to high profile, public figures who then promote the product through affiliation. In this way, Audigier helped to raise the profile of the Von Dutch brand.

Christian Audigier teamed up with tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy in 2004 to produce a distinctive line of tattoo inspired clothing. The range includes caps, shirts, and hoodies. The Ed Hardy brand also produces a line of perfumes.

Audigier has contributed to the design of several other brands, including American Eagle Outfitters, Chipie, Lee, Levi's, Liberto, Kookai and Naf Naf, and has worked as a consultant for Fiorucci, Diesel, Bisou Bisou and Levis.

In 2012, the designer established the Lord and Lady Baltimore fashion label. The line of clothing marked a sharp change in design from the heavily patterned clothes associated with the Ed Hardy brand, instead featuring simple prints and block colours.

By the end of the first decade of the 21st century, Audigier had amassed a personal fortune estimated at US$250 million.