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A Chromebook computer is lightweight, exceptionally easy to use, and boots in seconds. Several different major PC manufacturers have created Chromebooks, including Samsung, Toshiba, HP, and Acer.

Instead of using traditional computer programs, users download web applications from the Chrome Web Store. Chromebooks work at full function with an Internet connection, but an inbuilt photo editor, music player, PDF, and Microsoft Office document viewer can operate without Internet access. Some versions even boast 3G capability. Their in-built security means you do not need to install anti-virus software.

Sellers on eBay offer different Chromebook models. Have fun with apps, surf the net, and increase productivity with a portable Chromebook.

About Chromebook

Launched in 2011, the Chromebook is a type of laptop which runs the Chrome Operating System. Manufactured by Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, HP and Google, Chromebooks are internet-focused machines, with some offline applications. This also means that they are incompatible with most Windows and Mac OSX software. Sometimes cheaply priced and always simply made, Chromebooks are minimalistic devices popular with schools needing computers to help students surf the internet and research, and families looking for easy-to-run machines to access the internet for social media, watching videos or reading, often as an alternative to a main home computer. Since their launch in 2011, they have become extremely popular, with the Samsung Series 3 becoming a bestseller. Also popular are the Google Chromebooks, notable for their light weight, and minimalistic design. Chromebooks require an internet connection, not only is internet use required for the main body of its functions, all data on the machines is 'cloud based', meaning it is stored online. Another thing to note is the varying exterior ports on different models, which customers should note should they wish to use ethernet cables, USB sticks, or other plug-in devices. Screen sizes vary, but most models measure around 11.6 inches, making them perfect for those looking for a compact machine to take on the road. Prices for the machines vary, with cheaper models ranging around £100, and more recent models with higher specifications coming in at closer to £500.