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About Close Coupled Toilets

Eliminate the need for those high cisterns that always seem to make a ton of noise by gracing your washroom with a stylish and practical close coupled toilet. Close coupled toilets feature a cistern that sits directly on the back end of a toilet pan, flushing directly from the toilet pan as opposed to the cisterns hanging a couple of metres in the air. The close coupled styling allows consumers to choose among many interesting and fun styles, including traditional close coupled toilets, square toilets, soft seat toilets, and many others. By visiting eBay, consumers can easily discover the ideal toilet to suit the style of their bathroom. Additionally, as close coupled toilets are about 50 per cent more water efficient than many other styles, consumers can save a little water with every flush. Whether consumers are on a budget or are just looking for their next close coupled toilet, they can simply head on over to eBay to discover a wide range of toilets.