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About Cluedo

For people who love board games that involve a mix of murder and mystery in the game play, Cluedo is the perfect game. The game requires deduction and note-taking skills, which will enable them to reveal who is responsible for killing off the victim. The objective of the game is for players to move around rooms in the house, searching for clues and evidence. Because of its immense popularity, the game has been expanded to include several spin-offs including games that have been injected with film and pop culture elements. Today lovers of the game can buy and enjoy different versions of the board game, including a Harry Potter edition, a Simpsons edition and even a Big Bang Theory edition. For purist game lovers, they might want to go for the complete Waddington’s vintage edition that features six tokens that represent the original characters and another six tokens for the weapons. There is also an extended version of the game that utilises a more difficult game play system for more experienced players to enjoy. The Super Challenge edition of the game has nine characters and nine weapons to choose from and includes the house garden as an additional area where the murder can take place.