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Coalport is one of the oldest names in English china and was an independent manufacturer until Wedgwood took it over. Coalport figurines have a great appeal on the collectors market, as do some of the older pieces of tableware.

Collecting fine china offers many options to anyone who may be interested. You can collect both decorative and functional pieces, whether to use them or appreciate the artistry. Enjoy the fruits of human ingenuity.

About Coalport - Pottery, Porcelain & Glass

For over two centuries, Coalport china has been a sign of good taste in Britain. This china takes many forms, from the more traditional Coalport plate to unique Coalport figurines. Each of the figurines features exquisite detail and bright, captivating colours. Plates and cups are often lined with gold trim to enhance their beauty. Most Coalport items have unique names, which makes it much easier to know what to look for. Unique and remarkable Coalport items are available with free postage and packaging on eBay. Those who wish to find a certain Coalport china figurine to round out their collection can find new or used items sold by some of eBay's Top-rated Sellers.