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Coat hooks can turn any vertical space into somewhere to hang your hat, or more commonly, your coat. Put children's coat hooks on the wall just inside the door and they always know where to hang their coats when they come in from playing.

Vintage hooks add a touch of style to any home, whether brass or iron. Put one on the inside of your door to hang your coat when you enter your flat.

About Coat Hooks

Coat hooks are a practical way of storing your coats and other clothing without having the clutter of a coat-stand, or leaving coats scattered about your living area. Although they are for the most part practical, coat hooks can also be appealing to the eye and can come in all shapes and sizes. Just some of the categories of coat hooks on offer include vintage coat hooks, shabby chic coat hooks, chrome coat hooks, or wooden coat hooks. You can buy coat hooks to fit in with the current theme of your home, or you can buy them as a statement to stand out. Coat hooks can generally be purchased separately, as a set, or in a whole combined row (not to be mistaken for a coat rack) which is particularly ideal if you commonly have a lot of visitors - or a lot of coats. As for how you choose to display your coat hooks, you can be as creative as you like or choose the most convenient formation that works for your family and available space. Installing a coat hook is fairly simple, and most require just a bit of drilling into either plaster, drywall, wood panelling, the inside of a door, closet or armoire (you may want to use wall anchors if there is a chance of the wall splitting or cracking). Storage tip: coat hooks can also be ideal in the bathroom to hang towels and robes on for further convenience, so they have plenty of uses and are not just restricted to the hall/cupboard areas of your home.