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About Cold Frames

A cold frame may be made from wood or aluminium and it may use plastic or glass for the glazing panel. Small cold frames may sit close to the floor while large cold frames can have multiple shelves and raise up some distance from the floor. Choosing the right size material and panel for your frame can help to free up room in the greenhouse or provide additional protection for seeds that have been grown in a greenhouse or in the home. Consider the amount of room that you have available as well as the room needed to kneel or sit while working. Some sliding frames do require extra room for the panel once it is open. Also think about how the cold frame will look, you may want to choose one that is in-keeping with the area you choose to erect it. If you have a small area around the back of the garage or behind some shrubs this can prove ideal. Strong plastic is normally used for the clear glass section of a garden cold frame, although horticultural glass remains the most effective material. If you have children around, then you may choose to select an alternative to glass. Aluminium is a popular choice for the frame because it is inexpensive and lightweight. Wood is also a popular choice for the frame as it is aesthetically pleasing and can offer some insulation properties.