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About Compact Tractors

When looking for a tractor it is important to understand the conditions and applications it will be used for. A compact tractor offers a different range of benefits to a larger more traditional tractor and is suited to working in a different environment. A compact tractor requires significantly less power to run making it cheaper to use and maintain. It is also smaller and lighter in weight than a standard size tractor so is more manoeuvrable yet is still able to work on challenging terrains. A compact tractor is very manoeuvrable making it a very good option if you have a smaller piece of land to manage. You will need to understand the capabilities of the tractor in order to choose the right model but compact tractors are very versatile and can come with a huge array of attachments. These include ploughs and hoes, seed spreading units, front end loaders and cutting or harvesting tools. In many cases the fixing points will be universal so can be interchangeable between different models. Some compact tractors now come with a four wheel drive system and hydro-static transmission similar to those seen on standard size models. This is useful for very challenging terrain and intensive use but is a higher cost option and not necessary for smaller, more basic duties on flat ground. Some higher specification models of compact tractor also come with roll over protection technology for additional safety.