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About Control Slips

Choose from a full-size or half-size control slip and transform your body shape. Available in light, medium, and firm control options, as well as an array of styles, sizes, and colours, this shapewear, in the form of a full or half slip, helps to slim and firm up the appearance of your body, helping you to hide your wobbly bits. eBay sellers offer options for women of all sizes, body shapes, and preferences, ensuring that you can find the right style to suit you. Because a control slip can feel confining, it is advisable for beginners to opt for light control, and slowly build up their tolerance, upgrading to medium control, and finally, to firm control. A full control slip, whether strapped or strapless, controls the shape of your body from your shoulders to your thighs, while a half slip focuses on the stomach, bottom, and thighs. Give yourself a body confidence boost and enhance your shape and femininity with a slimming, toning control slip.