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About Core i7 Laptop

The fourth generation Core i7 processor is targeted at performance and business users. It is the natural successor to the older Intel Core 2. The Core i7 supports 64 bit execution, as well as speed ranges from 2.66GHz to 3.33GHZ. The processors feature enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology. This technology not only serves as a power saving feature, but, it also decreases overheating of the model of choice. The processor also includes Intel Turbo Boost Technology, allowing faster running speed if the unit is operating below power. Intel recommends the Core i7 for multithreading applications, running multiple programs simultaneously and editing graphics, due to the high efficiency of the processor. The Core i7 laptop is still the top end of Intel's mobile and desktop processors. Sandy Bridge models are featured within the iCore 7 range; which offers the largest L3 cache and undoubtedly the highest clock frequency. Most i7 laptops have a seamless wireless display which easily sends content to a monitor, TV or set top box quickly and simply. In terms of visual features, the optimised graphics deliver a crisp and clear picture for an impressive viewing experience. Intel states that the Core i7 technology drastically improves the connectivity and speed at which the consumer can create, download and share and edit video; making this Core i7 laptop model the choice for power users. The built in technology also offers protection against the threat of mitigation, data and identity theft.