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About Corgi Toys

Corgi-toys are a range of automotive die-cast collectible toy cars reflecting a range of genres. Founded in 1956, Corgi launched a wide range of die-cast toy cars that lead the company to become one of Britain’s favourite toy brands. Some of the most popular models were cars from television and films, like the Batmobile, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5.

Since 1956 the Corgi die-cast models have diversified into many genres and sub genres. Starting off with traditional, familiar British vehicles, the company expanded by entering into European car models, launching the Corgi Classic range, and producing vehicles based on the car industry, as well as film and television models. In more than 50 years Corgi has been able to produce virtually every type of automotive vehicle, including cars, trucks and buses, providing a variety of categories for car enthusiasts who are keen to start a Corgi collection. The context of the collectibles educates the collector about the historical development of cars and the wider impact on society, making this a very interesting hobby.

The collectibles come in a variety of packaging and in designs based on the theme of the car, individually boxed with a window that showcases the die-cast model. Corgi collectible toys are well delivered and help collectors capture their favourite era in automotive history.

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