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A corner desk lets you work in a corner without taking over a room. If you put a regular desk diagonally across the corner, you end up sitting well into the room, taking up more space than you need, but a corner desk gets you closer to the wall, with optimal space usage. Set up your room so you can use the corner.

About Corner Desks

Office furniture pieces are space hogs, often filling up the useable floor space of a room. However, a corner desk placed against the wall creates a much smaller footprint. The triangular shape of the desk also has a deeper countertop and larger legroom space as well. When placing a desk in a corner, you work with your back to the room, but the additional saved space is great in situations where the area is part of a larger living area in a home or a multi-person office. If you place the desk with one edge against a wall, then the second edge forms an artificial divider at 90 degrees, allowing you to interact with the rest of the room. Like other types of office furniture, eBay offers corner desks all different kinds of styles and sizes, with some featuring modular add-ons. So, if you need a small place to pay bills or a fully functional office unit, consider a corner desk for the best in countertop usability and open floor spacing.