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About Cossack Hats

Channel Julie Christie in "Dr Zhivago" and withstand a Russian winter in a toasty cossack hat. This style of headwear is a fabulous accessory for everyone. It keeps you warm, while adding a stylish twist to your cold weather outfit. Before the winter winds come blowing through, look for women's and men's Cossack hats on eBay. The original hats, known as papahas, were made of karakul sheepskin and had a cylindrical shape. Some modern designs have ear flaps that keep the cold wind at bay. For a more luxurious item, fur cossack hats offer tremendous warmth. Pair this accessory with a designer coat and white gloves for a chic look. These glamorous hats come in a wide range of styles and designs. Brown Cossack hats, as well as black and white, are classic colours, but for a contemporary twist, fur dyed in shocking pink or cool blue ensures that you turn heads wherever you go.