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About Cow Hide Rugs

A sign of strength and courage, animal skin rugs also add to the design of almost any room they decorate. A bear skin or cowhide rug is such a focal point and even acts as a conversation starter. While most consumers do not know how to hunt or create an animal skin rug, anyone can buy one on eBay. Each rug is as unique as the animal skin is. Depending on the type of cow, the cowhide rug may be white, brown, black, or even reddish-brown. Unlike bearskin rugs, cowhide rugs are not incredibly dense or hairy. You should vacuum the rug regularly, or gently shaken it outside, to both remove dust and debris as well as let the hide breathe. Remove most large spills or soiled spots with mild soap and water, brushing in the same direction as the grain of the hair. Watch for cowhide deals and find yourself sitting on a comfortable rug before too long.