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Whether you are bending, cutting, stripping, or crimping insulated wire, a crimping tool can help you to alter the shape of the wire easily. It makes the manipulation of brass and aluminium barbs easy and helps to create a tight fit.

A crimping tool also has the ability to bind cable wiring in a tight bundle, eliminating messy wire housings. Strengthen your bundled wires to at least 18 pounds of cable tie strength with a crimping tool.

About Crimping Tools

A crimping tool is to an electrician or engineer what an axe is to a woodcutter. Crimpers are tools without which vital operations involving manipulations of insulated and naked wire cannot be accomplished. It thus comes as no surprise that electricians and engineers always keep a crimping tool set handy. If you don't have one yet, browse through eBay to buy an individual crimping tool or a crimping tool kit that meets your requirements. Look for used and new listings by Top-rated Sellers, who will they provide you with a crimping tool and may also offer additional benefits, such as prompt delivery and free shipping.