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About D&G Perfume

Dolce & Gabbana is known for their signature bags, make up, jewellery and fashion items. But other than that, D&G is also famous for their signature perfume. Among the popular D&G perfume line is The One and The One for Men. First created for women, The One has warm and enigmatic fragrance that preserves its sparkling splendour and nods to the golden years of Hollywood. It is used on pulse points or misted in the air to fall in a scented aura. D&G’s The One is a modern take the “floriental” eau de parfum, which combines contemporary fruit ingredients with the classic palette of white flowers. Included in the range of The One is body lotion, shower gel and deo spray. Next came its masculine counterpart, The One for Men. Its scent is ideal for a man who has the power to command attention from the people around him. Although it is modern, there is no denying that this D&G perfume for men with its Oriental Spicy fragrance is a timeless classic. This elegant and sensual perfume is made from concocting Tobacco notes and refined spices. The One for Men line includes shower gel, after-shave lotion and after shave balm. Regardless of the occasion or even if you’re just being generous for your better half; this D&G perfume makes an ideal gift for your loved one. That’s because wearing a perfume by Dolce and Gabbana won’t just make you smell fresh and feel elegant, it also gives you the power to epitomize the strong partnership that is Dolce and Gabbana.