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Every “Whovian” needs a Dalek figure in their collection to terrorise the rest of their Dr. Who toys. After being created by Davros, the mutant robot aliens soon saw themselves as a superior race and set out to conquer the world.

Dalek figures have evolved from their original design, but they still maintain the same robot exterior and cone shape. Balance your collection with a new or vintage Dalek figure to be feared by all.

About Dalek Figure

Exterminate your enemies and impress your Whovian friends with a Dalek figure. Doctor Who classic Dalek figures are perfect gift for fans of the original series but you can find newer variants as well. Choose a Dalek 5' figure built to scale to capture all the detail of the Doctor's most feared nemesis, or find smaller 3.75' figures. A Dalek figure is of course incomplete without a Doctor figure to battle against, whether you choose the Third Doctor, the Ninth Doctor, or the Eleventh Doctor, or any of the other incarnations. eBay is a great place to look for new, in-box items for collectors as well as used sets. Top-rated Sellers and others may even offer free postage and packaging.