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About Damask Fabric

Available in two colour combinations or monochromatic versions, damask fabric provides a classic elegant look when found in table linens, room decor items, or fine-quality clothing. This reversible figured fabric is made with a warp yarn and a weft to create a recognisable pattern that stands out from the background. When using two complimentary or contrasting tones, the results are quite stunning, creating a strong visual pattern. When woven with the same colour, the results are subtler with a gentle pattern peering out as light dances across the fabric. Damask fabric is made out of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibres, such as polyester. Today, designers feature damask in high-end upholstery furniture, elegant curtains, and as tablecloths for a soft patterning effect. Designers have also used the contrasting nature of this fabric in some business suits, wedding dresses, and formal gowns. Add a sense of timeless richness to your clothes or decor by using damask fabric in your home.