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About Damask Tablecloths

Protecting your table and serving as an element of interior decor, a good damask tablecloth fulfils both of these tasks effortlessly. Damask is a great fabric thanks to being reversible and, therefore, you can easily turn the other side of the tablecloth if it gets dirty, which means less washing. Essentially, damask is a material made from linen, cotton, silk, or wool and it includes intricate patterns. The more elegant options that you can spot on eBay generally only use one colour or a combination of similar tones, while the patterns are also rather subtle and sometimes barely visible. More daring damask tablecloths come in contrasting colours and have more relief patterns on them. Ultimately, the choice is yours and it largely depends on your personal taste as well as the existing colour scheme and overall design of your home. However, whichever you choose, make sure you get the measurements right so that the tablecloth fits your table perfectly. Bring some elegance into your home with a beautiful damask tablecloth.